Positive Behaviour Support

We have three school values that are expected of all students. They are explicitly taught and highly visible throughout the school.


RESPECT - treating people the way you would like to be treated.

Being respectful means so many things - it includes people, objects, buildings, language, and so on. The school is run on mutual respect between students, staff, parents, visitors and the general community.


RESPONSIBILITY - taking accountability for your actions, words and behaviour.

Being accountable for your conduct is a teaching focus with all students. Schools have many areas in which responsibility can be modelled, taught and demonstrated. Our students get plenty of opportunities throughout each day to practice their skills.


RESILIENCE - being able to bounce back from challenges. 

Resilience is a key skill that our students need to be successful in the mainstream school environment.


We use the Bounce Back! program as a base for explicitly teaching our students the skills and strategies to manage themselves when things are not going well.