Supports for Families

When you enrol your child at The Currajong School, you become part of a small community of students, parents and staff that provides support, guidance, ideas and reassurance. We have both formal and informal avenues of support:



The Student Support Group comprises school staff, parents and external service providers (psych, OT, speech, paediatrician, etc) with the shared purpose of making decisions about a child's education and social-emotional development. The group develops agreed goals for the child and tracks progress. SSG meetings are formally conducted once a term and can be held at any time on request of the family or the school.



Every Tuesday morning parents/carers/guardians are welcome to join our psychologist in the Parents' Room for information-sharing in a relaxed and supportive environment. Important and relevant issues are addressed and discussed with the experts in the room - the parents!  



The Currajong School has teamed up with Happy Families to help support our ongoing commitment to wellbeing. Our entire school community now has access to resources which will help families, staff and students to flourish. Every family at The Currajong School now has access to their own Happy Families Premium Membership. These memberships contain a library of parenting resources to offer calm assurance, vision, direction and solutions you can trust. 



We have our own Wellbeing Website which was developed by our psychologist during first iteration of learning-at-home during COVID-19. Here we share the latest information with students and their families on how to manage difficult times.